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Winching Service

a truck being stuck

The vast majority of incidents which require roadside assistance are unavoidable. Flat tires, dead batteries, minor breakdowns, these could all happen to anyone. Most of them are fairly easy to deal with too, but some situations can be a little trickier and can need a little more time and work than usual. Having your vehicle end up in a muddy ditch or a large snowbank is often down to a combination of weather and road conditions. When you end up stuck in one of those locations, you are going to need specialist winching assistance.

What is Winching?

You may have noticed on the back of many tow trucks that as well as the usual towing equipment, there is often also a tightly wound cable with hook or hooks. The tightly wound cable you see is wrapped round a special motorized axle. Our expert technicians attach the cable to safe locations on your vehicle depending on the angle your car is at and also on the vehicle type. Once our staff are satisfied the setup is safe, they will use the motor to winch your vehicle out of the ditch or similar situation and to safety.

Other Situations

As well as the obvious scenarios of ditches or snowbanks, there are many other scenarios where winching may be a safer option than attempting to tow. Our professional winch-out services are perfect for many different problems, including vehicles which have plunged into rivers or streams, vehicles stuck in mud or sand, or vehicles which have become stuck on a dangerously steep slope.  Whatever the scenario, we have a fleet of different size tow trucks with different powered winching motors to solve and problem with any vehicle. If you are in need of any type of winching service, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.

Not Just Cars

And of course, it is not just cars that can end up in precarious situations and need rescuing. That’s why we have the ability to offer winch-out services to any size of vehicle, from a small car to a semi-truck and everything in between. Larger vehicles need a lot more care when being winched and the task may take more time, but our fantastic team of professionals guarantee to get the job done every time and to the highest levels of working safely too.

Proceed with Caution

This is not driving advice, but in this case a description of how our professionals work when it comes to winching any vehicle from an awkward situation. The winching process is not just about extricating your vehicle from a difficult location, it’s also about doing so safely and without causing any damage to your vehicle. That’s why they proceed with caution, identifying the best points on your vehicle to attach the cables so they can then winch it out safely. And the winching itself is never rushed so as to ensure no damage happens during that part of the process too.