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a couple looking at their car being towed

Life is full of unpredictable moments, some of them surprising, some of them irritating. And there are few situations more irritating than your vehicle breaking down or being in an accident and you being unable to continue your journey. When that does happen, you want a towing company you can rely on, one that can transport you and your vehicle home or to a garage where any problems can be fixed. Pleasanton Towing Pros have been providing towing and related services in the Pleasanton area for many years now, and can guarantee to get you to either your home or a location where your car can be repaired.

24 Hour Service

A breakdown or an accident is bad enough, but when it happens in the middle of the night, it can also be a frightening experience. We offer a full 24/7 towing service to cover your emergencies no matter what time of day it is or whether it is during holidays. We will attend your vehicle as quickly as we can, and you will be given priority if you are a lone female driver. 24-hour towing is a service you hope you will never need, but if you do, then you know to call Pleasanton Towing Pros!

We Cover a Wide Area

Knowing if a towing service covers the area you are in is something that gives you peace of mind, especially if you know that tow truck service is a reliable and trusted service. We cover a wide area around Pleasanton, including the following areas:

  • Dublin Towing
  • Highway 80 Towing
  • Highway 84 Towing
  • Ulmar Towing
  • Livermore Towing
  • Castro Valley Towing

If you live within these areas, or close to them, then we can cover your towing needs 24/7.

Not Just Breakdowns and Accidents

Of course, not every job we are called out to involves a breakdown or an accident. We are often called upon to make a car deliver or to collect and dispose of a junk car. We have also been hired to super car towing or exotic car towing in cases where the car may not be street legal or where the owner simply wants it delivered to a specific location safely. We also provide car delivery services for private or commercial sellers and buyers and guarantee to get your vehicle to the delivery location on time.

More than Cars

As an experienced towing company, we are used to towing all sorts of vehicles. Whether as a result of breakdowns or accidents, or if a vehicle just needs safely delivered between two points, then Pleasanton Towing Pros is the company you can trust to get the job done. As well as cars, we can also do semi-truck towing when needed, as well as towing vehicles such as vans or RVs. If you have need of any sort of towing service, for whatever reason, then please call us today/ We are the local company with experience who you can rely on and trust every time.