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Lockout Service

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To be fair, any issue which prevents you making a journey or reaching your destination is an annoying situation. But one of the worst situations to find yourself in is when you have that momentary lapse in thinking and close your car with the keys still inside. Of course, being locked out can also be due to losing a key in your home or elsewhere, and these things always happen when you have something to do or somewhere to go urgently. Smashing a window to retrieve keys is very much a last resort, as well as something that’s going to cost you more to replace the window.

The Lockout Solution

If you find yourself in the situation where you are locked out of your vehicle, either because of a lost key or because the keys are locked inside the vehicle, then Pleasanton Towing Pros have the solution. Our vehicle locksmith specialists can be with you quickly to solve your problem. With the equipment they use combined with skills, training, and experience, they can open your vehicle with no damage caused. In most cases, they can get inside your vehicle quickly so that you can retrieve your keys and continue with your day.

Lost Keys

A lost key can be more frustrating than one locked inside your car. At least in the latter scenario, you know where the key is and can call us to gain entry. With a lost – or broken – key you want a quick solution that does not empty your wallet. Pleasanton Towing Pros have been successfully dealing with lost and broken keys for many years now. Our experienced technicians can usually make duplicate keys, including ignition keys, quickly and at competitive rates. As specialists in car locks and keys, we can usually do this work better than an all-round locksmith.

Any Time

As our services are available 24/7, there is no need to wait till the next day of you have a key/lock problem at night. Simply give us a call and we can attend as quickly as possible to gain entry to your vehicle or to make a duplicate key. We appreciate that our customers are often on a tight schedule and don’t want to wait till the next day for the problem to be fixed. With the best standards of service and work in the area, we are the regular choice of thousands of customers across the Pleasanton CA area. If you have any sort of problem with your car keys or locks, then give is a call immediately.

The Choice You Can Trust

With years of experience, we have built a solid reputation based on honesty, competitive prices, great workmanship, and a team of skilled and friendly experts. With services ranging from inter-state towing to roadside assistance, we’re there to help when you have any problems with your car. Our reviews and testimonials tell the story of what previous customers have thought of our service, so give us a call when you need any assistance.