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Flat Tires

close up changing car tire progress

Flat tires and punctures can happen to anybody at anytime and anywhere. But how often has it happened to you when you are miles from anywhere or when it is 3am? What can make the initial problem worse is if your spare tire is also flat or damaged, or if you have never changed a tire before. It may seem like a basic job, but if a tire is not changed correctly, then you are putting yourself and any passengers in danger. And if the incident happens on a very busy highway, some people are understandably intimidated by the idea of trying to change the tire in that situation.

Causes of Flat Tires

In most cases, a flat tire is unavoidable. The cause is often unseen, or unseen till it’s too late, and once it’s happened, there’s no going back. Some of the most common causes of flat tires includes:

  • Puncture by something sharp. It could be broken glass or a nail, or some other sort of sharp debris in the road. But the first you will know about it is when your tire goes flat.
  • Damaged Valve. If there is damage to your tire’s valve, then air could be leaking out slowly or quickly.
  • Worn or ripped tires. This can not only lead to a flat tire, but is also dangerous to drive on. Check your tires regularly.
  • Sad but true, many flat tires are caused by idiots.
  • Bad roads. Uneven surfaces, potholes etc. can all damage your tire and lead to a flat.

24/7 Service

You can’t plan for a flat tire and you never know when it will happen. With many of the causes listed above, there is simply nothing you can do to prevent the flat tire happening. Our 24/7 service ensures you have the peace of mind in knowing that there is a reliable roadside attendance service who can be with you quickly to carry out any flat tire repairs needed. Our technicians have years of experience and can make sure your flat tire is repaired quickly and safely.

Competitive Prices

We offer great prices and competitive rates for all our services from towing to flat tire repair. And we also deal with most of the major insurance companies and providers of roadside assistance packages, including the AAA. We endeavor to be at your location as quickly as possible and by the time we arrive, payment may already have been agreed between our office staff and your provider. If you have any questions on costs, why not call us to discuss.

Make the Right Choice

When you need flat tire repairs or any other roadside assistance, it’s not a case of shopping abut for the best company. It’s the sort of situation where you already want to know who to call. There are good reasons so many customers in the Pleasanton area already have our number stored; we’re reliable, quick, safe, honest, and always provide impeccable customer service.