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About Us

man putting an alert sign in front of a car

Pleasanton Towing Pros is a professional towing company based in Pleasanton CA. We offer a wide range of services across the local area including, all forms of towing, winching, roadside assistance services and lockout assistance. We adhere to the highest industry standards and all of our team are both experienced and qualified in their chosen field. When we receive a callout, we aim to be with our customer in the shortest possible time. We also prioritize lone female travelers, particularly at night or in secluded areas.

Our services include; flat tire repair, jump starts, car delivery, truck towing, and much more. All our tow trucks are equipped with all necessary equipment to carry out these services and to facilitate minor repairs where possible. When on a roadside assistance call, we endeavor to get you going again as quickly as possible. Where this is not possible, we will tow you to the nearest garage or to the location of your choice.

As well as experience and skills, all of our team provide the best level of customer service you will find in the area. We believe that, despite the negative nature of you having to call us in most cases, that your customer experience should be an overall positive one.

Our prices and rates are all competitive and we also deal with most of the major insurance and coverage companies, including AAA. For any towing needs, or for roadside assistance services call Pleasanton Towing Pros today.